About The Founder, Deric Yee

  • Started investing in the Malaysia stock market since 2009.
  • Total return of 15,795.95% over the past 13 years.
  • Featured in Personal Money Magazine and Utusan Malaysia.
  • Completed all 3 levels of the CFA examination at a tender age of 25.
  • Developed numerous unique techniques that work exceptionally well in Malaysia market, including Sentiment Analysis, Relative Volume Density (RVD) and Price-Volume-Time (PVT) Analysis.
  • Founded in 2013 to share his insights and knowledge obtained throughout his investment journey.
  • Spoken to more than a thousand people in both public and private seminars and had hundreds of students trained under him.

Detail Investment Record

  • CAGR of 47.61% (since 2009), achieved without using margin or trading any form of leverage instruments, e.g. futures, warrants, forex.
  • Number of negative return years (since 2009): 0 out of 13 years.
  • Number of years outperforming/ beating the KLCI return (since 2009): 13 out of 13 years.
  • Number of negative return quarters^ (since 2012): 9 out of 40 quarters
  • Number of quarters outperforming/ beating the KLCI return^ (since 2012): 30 out of 40 quarters
  • Largest drawdowns^ (since 2012): -8.514% (only four times <-6%)

*All figures are up to Dec-2021. For stats with ^, detail figures before 2012 were not collected

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