Stocks to Watch: Instaco [0069], MYEG [0138], MAA [1198]

First and foremost, I apologize for being absent for so long as I was busy with the preparation of a trading software that is expected to launch in November. Let’s discuss briefly 3 shares that I think will make a move in this coming week.


Instaco [0069], a technology company that got beaten down after its bonus issue of warrant, is expected to move higher in the near term. Lows are getting higher and higher, indicating that the break above the ascending triangle should be around the corner. The average accumulation price by the smart money is at RM0.29, estimated using my proprietary Relative Volume Density (RVD). RHB Investment Bank gives this company a target price of RM0.46 per share.

myeg STM

MYEG [0138] had managed to stay above its resistance-turned support of RM1.98 on Friday after the 17th October’s breakout on substantial volume. My take is that the share will continue to consolidate above the level or shall retrace slightly to fill the gap created last Thursday before continuing its upward movement this week.

MAA [1198], a PN 17 company that had been moving in the opposite direction of our composite index recently closed at its RVD support level of RM0.615 last Friday. Using PVT (Price-Volume-Time) analysis, the share had achieved balance of price over the past few weeks but had fail to achieve a balance of time. This means that it is poised for a technical rebound. The magnitude should, however, be mild as the imbalance of volume isn’t great.

Hopefully I will be able to find time to share more of my analysis in weeks to come. A proper introduction of the trading software will be given once it’s ready, so do stay tune!

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