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13th and 14th of April 2013 Investment Workshop

The first investment workshop in 2013 was successfully held over the last weekend, where a total of 12 students participated in the 2-days intensive training. In the class, students were taught mainly on how to read charts and how to identify the safest entry and exit points for any given investment. After teaching them all the candlestick and chart patterns that work well in our market, I taught them how to integrate all these knowledge in analysing the movement of a share price with their personal risk tolerance level. Other specific money management techniques that I’ve picked up from my trading experience are also shared with the students, in hope that they do not make the mistakes that I had made. Apart from that, I also revealed to them some of my proprietary trading secrets (Sentiment Analysis) which are extremely helpful in avoiding catastrophic losses. Each student is given a comprehensive workbook in which they are required to draw patterns and write notes. Examples are given too for future reference.

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A Short Seminar in UCSI

I was honored to be able to speak in UCSI’s Professional Pathway Day on last Saturday, 23th of March, of which a total of 107 students attended it. In the seminar, I revealed to the students a few psychological biases that cause the failure of many in investment. These, among all, include Apophenia (illusory correlation), confirmation bias, availability heuristics, consistency bias, normalcy bias and representative heuristics. While these biases aid us in dealing with the ever-increasing information that is surrounding us, they are exactly the reasons why most people fail in investment, despite being able to keep their emotions aside when making financial decisions. These biases distort the thinking process of human being, causing our rational analysis to be somewhat irrational without us realizing it. If you are interested in knowing more about these biases, do come for my coming free public seminars (The details of the events will be posted here, so do follow my post closely). Alternatively, you can wait for my detail write-up on these biases, which is expected to be released in May or June.

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