About Deric Yee

Having been featured in Personal Money Magazine and Utusan Malaysia, Deric Yee is an active participant in the local stock market. His determination and relentless effort in learning and conducting researches had led him to generating a compounded annual growth rate of 65.67% on his capital for the past 9 years. Besides mastering the art of Technical Analysis, he has also developed a few unique trading techniques that work exceptionally well in Malaysia market, including Sentiment Analysis, Relative Volume Density (RVD) and PVT (Price, Volume, Time) Analysis. Also, his models had allowed him to tap into opportunities that arise in some of the most sophisticated segments of the market.

Personal Money Magazine Nov2011 resized

Personal Money Magazine, November 2011 issue

As a stock market enthusiast, Deric believes in continuous learning and improvement. Even before he graduates, he had already signed up for the CFA program. Today, he had already completed all 3 levels of the CFA examination. He constantly challenges himself by participating in various competitions, including the PNB Investment Quiz and the OSK Investment Competition, of which he emerged as the overall champion and weekly winner respectively. His financial knowledge was also tested in the Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT), of which he obtained a high-score of 71.

Deric understands the importance of having proper guidance throughout the learning process. His passion to inspire others to learn investment had led him to creating stockstradingmalaysia.com, a platform that facilitates the learning of trading and investment skills. In it, he shares his insights as well as the knowledge he obtained throughout his learning journey. His passion to motivate the general public to invest had further encouraged him to start giving public seminars and workshops since 2012. To-date, he had spoke to more than a thousand people and had hundreds of students trained under him. At the moment, he is also actively engaged in developing trading software.

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