Monthly Archives: August 2015

Gamblers, Amateurs or Professionals?

“The market fell by 4 straight days. In total, the index loss about a hundred points without any sign of rebounding. More than 80% of the share prices were below yesterday closing. Of the small amount of gainers, most are up by merely a bid and closed with huge ask queue. Investors and traders were mostly panic. Then a savior appeared. He boasted in the social media on his 1-day-5-digits trading gain despite the bad market. With the public scrambling in search for a solution which this trader seems to have, he immediately got everyone’s attention. Drowned by an overnight popularity, he proudly shared his “profound” analysis. Amateurs who are eager to make some quick bucks in the dampening market were quick to apply the new methods learned – only to lose more money.”

What went wrong?